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Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Day at F.I.T Exhibit Proust's Muse

As told by my dear friend Georgean Graham:
The Proust's Muse on display at the Museum at FIT is a must see and should be put on your to do list....
The time spans approx from 1880-1930..all the gowns designed for Countess Greffulhe...from fabric to cut and design...it's all stunning..
My favorite is Lilly 
its midnight velvet with a beautiful display of ivory colored whisps of lilies that flow from the bodice to the train..
All gowns including shoes and silk stockings were expertly stitched ..layers of pleats..brocade..one piece after the other.
It's worth the time and effort to come and enjoy the God gifted talent on display

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